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Why choose a research impact summary?

Research Impact Summary
Delivery in 5 business days
Share an engaging press note, highlighting real world impact and elements of newsworthiness of your published article. Designed for sharing with journalists and through various online media channels, the research impact summary can also be a compelling tool to emphasize the impact of your work for funders, grant-makers, government, and public agencies.
  • We match your article with experienced scientific writers and senior reviewers in your subject area, who create an accurate and engaging representation of your research.
  • Helps to promote your research by focusing on the real-world impact and long-term implications of your research by emphasising the newsworthiness of your work, rather than just the results.
  • Designed to be shared with journalists, institutional PR and communications teams, to guide media agencies to understand and talk about the relevance of your research in the broader context.
  • Communicate your research widely in a newsworthy style that is perfect for press releases, news articles, blog posts and newsletters.
  • Get ahead of your research promotion activities with your research news as soon as your article is accepted for publication.
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What to expect

  • An engaging written summary, including quotes from the author, designed to highlight the newsworthiness of your published manuscript, delivered in Microsoft Word format
  • Link to your published article, as well as a brief author biography and, where appropriate, suggested royalty-free stock images that could be published alongside the research news summary
  • Suggested descriptions for social media channels, search engine optimized alt text, and suggested hashtags to improve your reach on social media
  • Delivery in 5 business days

How it works


Step 1

You can place your order at any stage after your journal article has been accepted or published.

Step 2

Select a service, securely upload your article, and complete the author questionnaire.

Step 3

Our team will study your article and any supporting material and prepare a first draft.

Step 4

You complete the payment for the order, review the draft, and our designers use your feedback to complete your order.

Step 5

Our team will incorporate the feedback and share the final deliverable file.

Frequently asked questions

Who will write my research impact summary?

  • Our team of scientific writers will create an engaging news story highlighting your research findings using simplified language that can be understood by a wide audience.
  • A senior reviewer will check the content for quality assurance.

Would I be able to ask for edits? If yes, what are the additional charges?

  • There are two standard rounds of revision that are part of the workflow.
  • Further requests for revisions are generally carried out free of charge. However, you might be sent a quote if a complete rework is requested without prior history of service failure. We will always inform you of any additional charges that may be applicable prior to undertaking the work.

Can I use this service if my article has not yet been published?

Yes, provided your article has been through peer-review, and has been accepted for publication in a Journal. We do not accept articles that are still undergoing peer-review.

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